Iskra Merch...

We have finally brought back some copies of our European tour releases to Victoria. This includes CD and LP copies of our the "European Tour Demo 2012", LP edition of the "Bureval Demo", shirts, backpatches and small patches.

The "European Tour Demo" was released September 2012 in an edition of 650 LPs to be sold exclusively on the 2012 and 2013 European tours; however we saved 30 copies to bring back to North America. The CD edition was released in a digipack format (1000 copies).

The "Bureval Demo" was released on LP for the 2013 European tour in an edition of 670 copies. The Bureval Demo was recorded in the Iskra rehearsal room, and features a much more raw and aggressive sound than the studio LP. Previously released for a 2009 USA tour in an edition of 75 CD copies.

These will be available locally at Black Raven Records (2608 Quadra Street) and also at the September 14th show.

We will also (finally) be making all of our in print merchandise available in an online store. We're finishing the process of putting this together and will post the link when this is up and running.

All Iskra recordings are available for free on the Iskra website and bandcamp.


All ages PUNK, METAL, GRIND show at the Ratshack on Saturday September 14th! Ask around if you need directions. Entry $5 at the door, all money goes to cover the travel costs of town band! Bands will have merch for sale also. Show starts at 8:00, come early as there is limited capacity at the venue.

ISKRA Local grinding, blackened anarchist metal. First show back from Euro tour.

FAMINE play raging d-beat crust, hailing from Kamloops. First time in Victoria for this band.

SIXBREWBANTHA Local raw mincing serial grinders.

AZOTOBACTER good old punk rock.

ATTRITION newest addition to the Victoria DIY punk cult; anarcho punkers first show!

This show is one of the many musical and other cultural events in celebration of the 7th annual anarchist bookfair in Victoria. Check out victoriaanarchistbookfair.ca for more information on these events and the bookfair itself.