Self-titled (2004)

ISKRA "Self-titled" (2004)
LP: Profane Existence (2004), Mercy of Slumber (2011)
CD: S/T album is included on the "Selected Works" (2007) CD

Orginal edition of the LP on Profane Existence with red and black cover (2004)

Mercy of Slumber edition with black and white cover (2011)

1. Insurgence
2. Prisoners Of Conscience
3. Acceptance Not Tolerance
4. Antisect
5. Face Of Capital
6. Masters Of War
7. Culmine
8. Ash And Ruin
9. Massacre Of The Innocent
10. Threat Inflation
11. Culture Of Cowardice

Recorded March 2004 at Fresh Air Studios, Victoria BC

LP: 2000 copies, black vinyl with lyric book (Profane Existence, 2004)
REISSUE: 500 copies, alternate art, black vinyl with lyric book (Mercy of Slumber, 2011)

Copies of the "S/T" 2011 Reissue will be available on ISKRA's 2013 European tour dates.