Split with Doom Siren (2011)

ISKRA / DOOM SIREN Split (2011)
LP: Black Raven Records, Anti-corp Records, Eat Lead Records, Threat To Existence
CASSETTE: Dead Profit Records

1. Masqueraders of Fraud
2. Thieves of Life
3. Privileged Morality
4. Levelling Dust

1. Gun Drone
2. Bankercide
3. Plague Master
4. War = Madness

ISKRA TRACKS recorded in the ISKRA rehearsal space Summer 2011
TR 4; Cover of MARDUK'S "The Levelling Dust"

LP: 1000 copies, black vinyl with insert
CASSETTE: 300 copies
Both editions include lyrics.

For USA distro and wholesale copies of the LP, please contact ANTI-CORP, EAT LEAD or THREAT TO EXISTENCE
For distro copies in Europe, please contact BLACK DAWN RECORDS & DISTRO.

Copies of the LP and Cassette will be available on ISKRA'S 2013 European tour dates.