Bureval Demo (2009)

ISKRA "Bureval" Demo (2009)
CD: Self-released

Front Cover

Back Cover

1. 80 000
2. Dubrovlag
3. Hounds of Order
4. Kronstadt
5. Wolf Of Winter
6. Okhrana
7. Okeanos
8. Within the Black
9. Bureval
10. Wie Alles Anfing

Recorded by Iskra January 2009.
Tour release for Iskra's spring 2009 west-coast USA tour.
Oversize (7") lyric booklet with duplicated CD, 75 copies.

The artwork for this release is taken from photographs of the two Iskra banners that were used to tour the Bureval material.
UPDATE July 6th 2013 - We will be releasing a vinyl LP edition of the BUREVAL DEMO for our upcoming July / August tour in Europe. This record will be available on our tour dates from July 19th on.